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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

I Can Find the Way Myself

I am trying to control the almost overwhelming urge to have peteytheorchid comment on a whole bunch of random entries..even of people who dont know him and arent his minions.

poor peteytheorchid, he is mad at me, because i have been neglecting him.

he tried to eat me, but he spit me back out. said i was to tough and salty. and after the tender flesh of Boone, i am no longer to his taste.


or something.

I also want to go around and friend everyone who has any sort of the same interests i do, just so i can have a friendslist that could swallow my soul in the daily reading of it.

however, because i suck, i asked to be interviewed in an interview meme, and havent gotten around to answering them.

so, boofadil asked me:

1. What keeps you watching Lost?
- I tuned in originally because i had a morbid fascination with a hobbit. and i wanted to see if EdR was really a bad actress, or if she could pull off cute pregnant and austrailian. the answer would be YES. i stayed with it because there are a large number of the characters that i ADORE, and very few that i want to feed to the OMGWTFPOLARBEAR. plus, i love the flashbacks, and thinking about how everything might be interrelated.

plus, still there is a hobbit. and he and Tess are the cutest thing EVER.

2. Did you ever finish Bloom?
-er..*cough* not..FINISHED, exactly..but i do have more than you have read so far..and im planning on remixing it for the Right Your Wrongs Challange that yahtzee63 is doing.

and i swear, it will be done. some day. cause i love it and its WTF-ness.

and then...

emilyfairy asks:

1. What is it about fandom that appeals to you?
-the people. :) i LOVE you guys! i like being able to dissect everything about a show, without my sister or my friends giving me that "you are NUTS" look. I love the fanfic, and the closeness that everyone feels..mostly, anyway.

2. Do you ever write any original stories?
-i believe i answered that question earlier. *g*, but yes, and they are here. they are also very odd.

3. What is your favorite My Little Pony? :)
-oooh, thats HARD. my favorite pony, in all honesty, is the very first one i got. she was pink, with no symbol, and i adored her. i cant remember what her name was now either..however, i also adore Lickitysplit and ALL of the newborn twins. because when i sent you all my ponies and my pony stuff, i kept those. :)

4. Have you ever met anyone famous?
-I met Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazzard. no joke!

5. What is your most obscure fandom?
-MOST obscure? err..the fact that i have plot bunnies to write for "Flight of the Navigator" doesnt count, does it? how about..the Young Jedi Knights. and occansionally, the original Power Rangers. or Captain Planet. Possibly Constantine. Joan of Arcadia? geeze. the majority of my fandoms are either tiny or obscure.

Anyone else wanna ask me anything? now is the time, because here in a few hours, im unleashing Petey and letting him eat whoever or whatever he desires.


Yay! Someone answered my questions! *beams* You have no idea how bummed I was 'cause no one was answering them... I'm such a needy freaky dork. *hangs head*

Was your pink pony with no symbol a baby pony? If so, her name is Baby Ember and she was a special mail-away offer. If not, then I am stumped. But still a fountain of useless pony knowledge. *g*

*hides from Petey*

Emily :)
yep. baby ponies all the way for me! i barely acknowledge the grown up ponies after i got the baby ponies! But, Ember! i KNEW THAT! i swear!

but that was her! and i LOVED her!
I note you speak about her in the past tense... did you lose her?

Emily :)
no, but she no longer has my whole heart. although she still has a place of honor on my bookshelf. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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