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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Call Off the Dogs

Hi! My day is CRAP! how is yours?

Last night, we discovered we have no hot water in the new apartment. after calling the landlord, and the handyman poking around the water heater for an hour, he called someone else. two hours later, we still have no hot water!

also, we now have cable, but the tv is still over at the other house. also, our internet isnt working, so you will only see me in fits and starts, or if i manage to hijack someone else's wireless access again.

also, i emailed the woman in charge of my grant program and told her i couldnt do it. i feel like a big loser!

So, tell me HAPPY THINGS about your days! please?

like...today? i had PANCAKES!


I had a talk with my interim boss and found out that I actually might like her instead of hating her stumpy little butt. And I posted two new/old stories to the Roswell UFO archive that Em set up.

And I have raisins. *holds out some raisins*
Yay raisins!

and where is this UFO archive..and have i read these things before? *suspicious look*
Roswell UFO Archive

And yeah, you've probably read them before, though I had to dredge through my LJ to find them...
*tight hugs*

I got Spivs with Dom today \o/
DOM! Dom is a happy thing!
*nods eagerly* DOM is a VERY happy thing :D
I saw the cover art for the Earth 2 boxset that comes out in July and am now counting down the days for both Harry Potter *and* Earth 2
ooh, i saw it too! isnt it pretty and shiny and look like an evac pod? *swoons*

thank you, that helped!


(Its your sister) I just bought a ticket to see a solo Amy Ray ray show on Mon and it was only $15. And, I am going to see Maya Angelou tonight. And, I am coming to see you and your new place probably tomorrow.
yay! mel is coming to visit! *happy dance*

and WOW, $15 for Amy? where is she playing?

have fun with Maya! and remember what my sophmore high school english teacher said when i revealed i didnt like Maya's poetry very much, "anyone who doesnt like her is an idiot!"


Melisa again.

Amy Ray is playing in Boulder on Mon at the Fox Theatre. You can get tix from their website. BIG FUN!!!

Your sophomore English teacher is an idiot. Even if I forgot her name as I had Suites
YOU HAVE A TRUE ICON. Have you been holding out on me? where did you get it? where can i get one? why dont i have a True icon yet?

*uses Danz icon in defense*
Er...um...yes, and I also have one of True & her dad...uh...

I got mine from here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/_projectgalem/180028.html

but it was a while ago, so I'm not sure if they're still up or not! Good luck though!

*cries* red x's everywhere!

oh well..ill just have to MAKE MY OWN when the actual real dvds come out!
Do you want to use the two that I have saved? I can send you the files when I get home from work today if you like!
ooh, that would be lovely! and the name of the creator, please! *beams at you*
thank you!
I ate French fries! :D I haven't had them in a long time 'cause I've been on a diet... but they were oh so good. *g*

Emily :)
New Gilmore Girls episodes are always good. Especially with Crazy Suki and Outraged Luke. And Rory wanting tacos and Logan's "Time flies when you're being pushed out the door" line. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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