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According to SilverFiction, my most read stories (and fandoms) as of right now, Tuesday, April 26, 2005, at 9:45 am.

Selfish: LOST: 222 *boggles*
All Gone Aside: Harry Potter: 42
All the Things He Cant Remember: Gilmore Girls: 31
Standing Up For Luke Danes: Gilmore Girls: 29
Dust of Broken Hearts: Harry Potter: 27
Won't Get Up in the Morning: LOST: 22
Breadcrumbs: LOST: 22
Clutter: Gilmore Girls: 21
Cheeseburger in Paradise: 20
Just Shut Up: Roswell: 20
Please Remain Seated: LOST: 20

Gravity: Original fic, has been read a grand total of 2 times.

im still in shock over the number of people who have read Selfish...or reread it, or something..but TWO HUNDRED TWENTY TWO TIMES. Yesterday it was at 199, and that was enough of a shock. *poke* are you guys trying to get on my good side or something? or, convince me to write more incest?

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