Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Turtle Race

first off, before i forget, happy birthday spitefairy! have a lovely one, and enjoy the Han Solo I sent over earlier..he is all yours!

other than that, my day is meh. m-e-h.

today i am fighting the urge to turn myself into a turtle. i am moving in slow motion, and have no energy, and just want to crawl back into my shell and SLEEP for long periods of time.

see, my morning began at 6, which is earlier than usual. see, we are sleeping at the new place, but dont have the shower curtain up yet, so we cant actually shower at the new place yet..we have to go to the old place.

so i struggle out of bed, trying to shut the stupid alarm off. go potty, brush teeth, look in mirror. examine face in dim light.

figure i look clean.

say "screw it," and go back to bed for 40 minutes.

repeat actions at 6:40, except i actually get up and stay up.

attempt to do morning stretches. lay on floor. wonder whats for lunch. lay on floor. attempt to locate computer, external hard drive, and flash drive, as am aware that one of these things has my resume on it.

curse all things electronic.

copy resume to flash drive, so it can be printed out at work, cause i dont have printer set up yet.

drive to school. cannot locate keys. cannot locate sanity wrap.

crawl back into shell.

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