Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Lords of Misrule

I am having trouble reading things. and hearing things.

not like, going deaf or blind or anything.

just..misreading and mishearing.

for example?

annakovsky has an icon that says "worse than teenage poetry."

naturally, i read it as "worse than teenage POULTRY."

because there is nothing worse than teenage punk chickens.

and then? instead of "Saran Wrap," it became "Sanity Wrap," which OMG I NEED SO BAD. let me wrap it around myself and cling the wisps of sanity i have left to me!

its been a rough day.

ETA: yahtzee63 has issued the Rewrite Your Wrongs Challange, which encourages you to go back to one of your oldest, crappiest fanfic, and remix it and make it FABULOUS.

love and hearts and stuff for this idea...i wonder if Bloom counts, seeing as its not..actually..finished, or anything..*cough*

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