Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dear Joan

I had forgotten how muched i loved this show..ive been missing it for the past couple of weeks, because of this, that, the other thing, and my faulty memory.

but DUDE, the season finale of Joan of Arcadia was tonight, and WOW.

Whee! Adam Rove, i dont care HOW cute you are still dead to me. grr. and you are still calling her "Jane" like not a damn thing happened.

anyway, i loved the addition of Helen's dreams..except, why the hell does she continue dreaming about CLOWNS? clowns are FREAKY and BAD. make them stop! but Helen saw Goth God, which was even cooler.

and look how big Little Girl God is getting! and he is very flexible and bendy and bouncy on that trampaline.

but i loved the theory..the answer to the "why me?" that Joan has always had. i love the idea that the child of a visionary and an activist is going to be someone who can both see God and intervene. Makes me wonder about Ryan's parents and his backstory..i missed last week, or whenever he was introduced, so if anybody knows where he came from, i would appreciate it if you told me..

Helen's dreams, especially the one with Grace, though, were awesome. and i lovelovelove that the Subdefectives are Joan's army.

and I cant even tell you the love i have for the Kevin/Lily storyline. no clue why, but its just..awesome! and she is so..shy around him, and so outspoken everywhere else..its just lovely. and he is trying so hard to deal with the God issue from her, and trying to deal with sex and everything..i mean..shes a former NUN.

and now? anenko has started neverchosen, which is based on her idea of Five Women God Never Spoke To. And my brain now wants to write a Lily version..because, she left the church, she left being a nun, because she wasnt sure..and that, to me, sounds like someone God never spoke to.

*bunny jumps onto lap* hmm..looks like i might be writing tonight.

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