Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

To Do

I was playing around with the To Do list here on lj, and its weird and i dont like it. so you get my to do list instead, with things i HAVE to get done today.

please feel free to ignore.

-transfer money from savings account to zero out mbna card
-go by other bank and deposit money into checking (zero discover card)
-go by new place and pick up laundry
-laundry at old place
-feed cats
-pack up clothes
-pack food, pots and pans
-eat something vaguely healthy for dinner
-check email/lj/waste time

i hate dealing with money lately! normally, i am the Queen of Frugal, but with moving and getting the new place, and getting carried away with some new stuff for the new place, not to mention the trip to Rome..*sigh* yeah, we are a little in the hole. So, in order to get out of debt, because credit cards piss me off, im basically going to kill off my savings account.

which i know is better in the long run, because me saving money with a lousy interest rate is doing me CRAP for the credit card with the high lousy interest rate. *sigh* so, its necessary, but its CRAPPY. but this way, im not having to invest $400+ every month in my credit card (where its also not doing much good), and can start putting that same $400 right back into my savings account.

so really, this will work.

I think.

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