Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Head Above Water

Its a "treading water" kind of day. its the best way i can think of to describe it.

slow moving, but deadlines hanging over my head, with an inability to get anything done. *sigh*

the past couple of days have been down. not as bad as it was before my antidepressants kicked in, but the past few days have just been..meh. and apathetic.

i didnt get my whole art room/office set up yet, but i want to do it. but everytime i go in there it yells TOO MUCH STUFF, and then my brain overloads and i go sit on the couch and stair at the place where the tv would be if we had moved it over to the new place yet.

occansionally, ill go and shove some papers in a different drawer, or consolidate two boxes of stamps or ink. currently, i have my inks all together, which is nice, because now i can pull out one drawer and have all of my ancient page inks all there staring at me, instead of having to pull out multiple little drawers until i find a color i like.

im babbling about nothing of interest to anyone, arent i?


i still have to set up dvds and movies, the rest of my office, put together the bed (cause its in pieces and we are sleeping on the floor on the mattress), move over important things like the internet access and dishes, and go buy food.


why am i babbling today? should i cut tag any of this crap, because why the hell do you care what im art room looks like? *grimace* i should go now, before i get (more) very whiny and annoying.

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