Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

The Post of Ow

bleergh. so tired. have been packing and moving up two flights of stairs and unpacking and cleaning and packing and SLEEPING.

seriously, so much napping today.

and hurray! i dont have school tomorrow, so i get to finish setting up my office and my art supplies, and hopefully, will get to play with my toys!

i got half of my books set up, and my dragons are all out and happy (speaking of, Kara, you like pocket dragons, dont you? *chews lip*), but my art supplies are everywhere and taking over everything in the room! I havent gotten my shelves set up yet, but at least i have my art table set up and moved into place. now i can set up everything around it.

i still have to finish that mess, seeing as over half of my art supplies are still over here at the old apartment, and if i never have to move anything again up those two flights of stairs, it will be too soon. however, i really want all of my somerset's, and all my paints and my stamps and my paper!

then i have to set up my star wars toys(random assorted action figures, playskool, and super deformed), and my other action figures (Riddick, Rogue, and Switch), repot my new plants (tomatoes! strawberries! herbs!), and at some point, actually have brandus put the bed together so we arent sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

GAAAAAH. So much to do!

also, am watching the new abcfamily movie, Everything You Want, with Shiri Applebee, and actually really enjoying it. i feel a little dirty. But Shiri (when not being Liz and head over heels with Max) is actually really cute and fun. and i love the imaginary boyfriend aspect of this!

and then? Katie Heigl will be in abcfamily's next movie, which, frighteningly, is a Romy and Michelle movie. no, im not kidding.

But Katie is so lovely, im sure i will end up watching it. But, the question is, is abcfamily slowly doing movies for every single Roswell alum? Majandra did Celeste in the City (which was AWFUL, no matter how much i adore maj), now Shiri, and then here comes Katie!

and where are the boys? where is my silly abcfamily movie with Bren? Or Colin Hanks? Ohh...or Nick? How much fun would that be?

Random aside to Gilmore Girls fans: Does anyone else get the giggles when they see that both CuteDean and Tristian are in the new House of Wax movie? Is it just me?

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