Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Do No Harm

Ok, i KNEW tonight was going to kick ass, and i wasnt disappointed. i knew SOMEONE was rumored to die, and after the plane fell on Boone last week (which made me shriek with joy), i was pretty sure it was going to be him. but i still wouldnt have put it past JJ to kill off someone else while we were distracted by pretty blood covered Boone.

Anyway, first, Jack? doing a blood transfusion? with what was that, exactly? so not buying it, sorry!

ok, my brain is going a million directions, so lets go storyline by storyline instead of play by play.

The Sayid/Shannon was too cute. im glad she told him Boone was in love with her. and my angsty!incesty!ShaBoone (hello hello again) heart can handle him loving her and her feeling something but not that kind of love. i can handle that.

for the record, i didnt start crying until Shannon broke down at the end. Then i lost it.

and Sayid's "i didnt have any expectations" was adorable and cute and Shannon needs to take it slow!

Someone write me the fic of that night, please. with Boone dying on the table in the background. Gorgous and heartbreaking.

and it hurt to watch, even as it was sweet, because we knew Boone was dying. and he called for her.

Claire. I love Claire. She tried to hold her breath to stop labor! cutest thing ever! i love her and loved her completely real panic. and it was NOT 'cant have it HERE,' but 'cant have it at all!" which i was not expecting.

Loved Sawyer calling her Mamacita, and how soft he looked on the beach after the baby was born.

When Jin heard Kate yelling and started running, i thought, "thats it. Boone is just a red herring. Say goodbye to Jin!" but i was wrong, and how panicked he was when he realized Claire was in labor, and the heartstopping look when he saw Sun..jeeze. and the fast play in translations was really amazing. im surprised Jin didnt start yelling "I dont know! i dont know!"

Jin stopping Charlie from going over to Claire was too cute. And Charlie pacing like a new daddy made me squee like a 5 year old. and how proud he looked on the beach? hee! not to mention the attackhug he gave Jin. whee!

monkey baby! and its a boy! it might be demon spawn, but hell, so is Walt, and we put up with him! and so cute a monkey! *digresses into baby talk*

i want at least one cute scene next week discussing names, dammit. and please give me an episode or two to get USED to the baby before you have him kidnapped, killed, or become devilspawn with laser beams for eyes. thanks.

Kate did well. i was expecting to hit her or for her to panic or something, but she did good! and i didnt want to injure her! or want her to leave the screen!

Jack, are you still married? where is your ring? this wouldve been nice for..oh, say..KATE to know about. but at least your dad did make it to the wedding?

I started cringing when i figured out what it was Jack wanted to do with the hatch. meeeep. and im so glad that didnt happen. cause..eeek! nightmares!

how cool is Sun, by the way? dude, she rocks! she can garden and hold people and speak english and translate and stop Jack from being insane and just is AMAZING and i like her and Im glad no one has tried to feed her to petey yet.

sorry, back to Jack. When he was doing the blood transfusion and went all pasty, again, my brain came up with, "dude! kill off Jack!"..not that i WANT Jack to die? just that it would have been a really random kick ass twist.

poor Hurley. eek. i would have reacted much worse. he didnt puke or anything.

And then Boone himself. "Let me go." so calm. and i will admit to crying. starting when Shannon broke down. even though last week i was going the 'Boone's Gonna DIE!' dance around my house, i still cried.

im sure there is more, but my brain has now gone on strike.

PS. Petey would like Boone's fresh body. Can anyone help him out? He wont leave me alone about it.

ETA: Does this mean that after next week i have to stop using my Claire's Baby Name List icon?

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