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Lost/Petey Ficlet: The Gardener

As literarylemming requested it, i wrote it! hope this helps make your day more shiney, my dove!

Title: The Gardener
Author: alianora
Fandom: Lost/Petey
Summery: Someone must tend Him.

She is tireless in her care. She bows her head, as she should, and turns her attention to the smaller ones underneath Him.

Her tears no longer fall as she tends His garden, but her hands tremble on the shears. And sometimes she will stop, and sit silently, until one of His little ones would snap at her for water.

It had gotten to the point that she no longer cried out in pain, but would merely brush off the young one, and allow herself to bleed.

She no longer seemed to care.

When she had been brought here, she had fought back. After she saw her husband go into His embrace, she had wept and screamed.

After she saw the smile on the boy’s face as He took the father, she had grown silent.

Now, she sat and tended Him, and showed Him proper deference.

But when her head was bowed, He could not see, that sometimes, her fingers would gently touch the little ones, or the cutting shears.

And sometimes, she would smile.


PS. I finally made my very own Petey icon. LOOK! You can even see his teeth!

EDIT: it clear who she is? *looks confused* i knew who i was writing it about..but can you tell?
Tags: lost fic, petey

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