Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


WHEE! what an episode! in no order at all, probably.

Boone fucking covered in blood and CHANTING about Theresa was the fucking CREEPIEST THING IVE EVER SEEN.

also, i need screencaps of it, as Boone covered in blood needs to be iconned to go with my latest Petey story. cause, you know, Boone covered in blood. NIFTY.

Dear Terry O'Quinn, i thought they couldnt find anyone inhearently creepier than you. and then? they brought on the dude to play YOUR DAD and i was creeped anew. JJ, sometimes i hate you. that guy played one of the dudes from Rose Red. eek.

Locke's mommy is fucked in the head. And i thing the "mousetrap" game is going to come in major here somewhere. again, JJ rarely does things without a reason. even if that reason is to leave us screaming, "but what does it MEAN?!" at the top of our lungs. and who else saw the bad coming with Locke's dad and HUNTING. he asked him to go hunting, brandus said, "hes going to kill him!" and i said, "hes going to kill him and HARVEST HIS ORGANS." well, we were sort of right.

Locke's mom being freaking INSANE and his dad being EVIL explains alot about Locke. really. lots.

And? newsflash? I LIKED JACK. like, LAUGHED OUT LOUD at something Jack did! Sawyer and his new glasses are the COOLEST THINGS EVER. please to send me screencaps. "Have you ever had an STD?" BWAH! that and the line about getting a new nickname from Sawyer was FABULOUS.

Also, Sayid kicks ass. i like handymen..and where was he the REST of the episode?

Locke..why did you lie about the little plane? i do not of the understanding. and so far we are aware of THREE DIFFERENT GROUPS of people who have been stranded on the island. thats it. we are somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. only explanation i got.

and now i feel bad for Locke..and want to pet him and cry for him and hit his daddy, and again, confusion, as part of me is convinced that Locke is EVIL INCARNATE.

and we still didnt see how Locke became paralyzed. dammit.

And now Boone is dying. COOL! thats who i wanted to kill all along! *claps and cheers*


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