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Dude, how much i LOVE THIS SHOW. and TIM CURRY! Brandus totally forgot he was even on the show, and i forgot how creepy and cool he was at the same time.

and i vaguely remembered True being somewhat of a brat, but this time around, im finding way too much empathy for her. she went from being the only thing her dad focused on, to being a bother to everybody. i get the feeling she was a kid who was left on her own a lot and was very independent on the station. she got to stay home, help her dad, fix things.

and now she is stuck following 8 thousand rules on a new planet and no one will let her go anywhere or do anything, and Uly gets horses and chocolate and tons of attention.

i think i wouldve followed Gaal too. besides the fact he is Tim Curry.

and im loving Devon and Danziger's interaction as well. i always remembered him being VERY abrasive in regards to his dealings with the bosslady, but im seeing alot more of the flirting this time around. of course, its been over ten years omg, since this show was on the air, which means i was..15/16? that doesnt sound right somehow..

and this show is why the pirates in POTC calling Elizabeth "Poppet" creeps me the fuck out. *shudder*

and supposedly, the last disc has the gag reel or bloopers or something! ive been good and havent looked yet, cause i want to save it for last. *g*
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