Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Liteny of Complaints

So, i only entered kessel_run this week. it was Padme, and shes pretty.

I didnt enter gg_challenge this week, because it was kind of a sucky random picture. it was Lorelai with a bizarre look on her face in the diner. not much i could figure to do with it.

i didnt enter ros_challenge this week, because, although we had a choice of 3 pictures, they were all from "So I Married An Alien", which was a mildly amusing S3 episode. But the only pic i was thinking of was Max looking really really dorky, and i didnt have the heart to snark further. even if he is evil.

i didnt enter hp_stillness this week, and probably wont again, because i prefer being able to crop the pic myself, instead of using a blank.

i didnt enter lyricontest because the idea of using any fandom gives me too wide a range of pics to choose from, and then i freak out.

i didnt enter roswell_chorus because im lazy.

i didnt enter joa_challenge because i forgot.

i think that might be all the icon challenges and contests im currently involved in..except for i_contest, which im entering next week maybe, because the challenge word is "darkness". i have some ideas.

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