Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Timing is Everything

Hmm. I am the master of timing. I know this, because i got my brand new shiny laptop YESTERDAY (following some very traumatic events), and today? Humphrey wont even boot up. No idea why.

Id kinda like him back at some point several files i need are still on there..not to mention ALL OF MY BOOKMARKS. i really want my bookmarks. fic and links and rec pages and all kinds of things. i need them! i do!

also, have decided to download and try firefox. ive been avoiding it due to Humphrey not being able to handle me adding or changing anything.

Poor Humphrey.

if i move to Firefox, i can import my netscape bookmarks, right? i mean, if i can ever get them off of Humphrey.

Some trouble accessing the wireless network, but brandus fixed it!

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