Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Am extremely bored, which is bad, as i am at work, and should be teaching, but instead, am letting my para work with kids as i waste time.

really, im an excellant teacher.

part of the boredom is probably my fault, as i quit tons of communities and stuff yesterday. really, i quit, like 20 different communities, mostly ones ive always skimmed and lots of icontest communities. as lately, i really havent cared to compete or vote..or anything really.

why do i always forget where to locate the poll feature? you need to help me with naming the new computer. of course, i make no promises that the most voted for name will be used, but im fickle like that.

however, give me suggestions for computer naming. it is a 'he' that much i can tell you. so toss me some possible names. *pokes flist* amuse me, dammit!

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