Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Me Tarzan

Meme stolen from yahtzee63, because it made me giggle really hard.

Posted below are ten sentence beginnings from various things I've written.

Complete each sentence in any way you like.

If you recognise a sentence as being from something of mine you've actually read, and you know how my sentence ended, either skip over it or come up with something completely different.

Optional: Post this in your LJ with ten incomplete sentences from your own writings.

obviously, amusement is the point. go wild.

1. Nina had still been in her towel two hours later, and she had been pretty sure she was never going to be able to...

2. Dumbledore drew himself up to his full height. "However, if I ever find how you figured out the password, got into my office, and defiled my desk, I will..

3. Thinking of porn while needing to pee equals..

4. Liz made the mistake of hanging around the new boy a little too long, and Maria..

5. Plus, with the way Isabel and Alex are sucking face right now, if I did have to, Alex would probably..

6. He had a fit last year when I met him at the door of one of his classes. Said it was just unnatural that I would know..

7. So her clothes stayed, and he kept finding odd things of hers in strange places..

8. Luke always spoiled her when she..

9. Rory had tucked a paper bag into Lorelai’s purse before..

10. He was sure the guards were looking at..

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