Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Suckage and Squee

Yesterday was a rollar coaster! and i DONT LIKE FAST RIDES OMG SLOW DOWN.

Lets start with my panic attacks on sunday night! and the random flocked entry in which i had a publicflocked nervous breakdown!

so, nervous breakdown followed by sleeping pills mean that alia is not twitching wide awake in bed dreading the next day. yay for sleep!

i get up, still twitchy, go to school, keep reminding myself, "you get your new laptop today."

school was fine, no major deals, except for the fire drill and the lack of lunch, and the inability to stop yawning when the principal was observing a class i help with. and you know, the general panic that accompanies me at work nowadays.

so, school. back of my brain is reminding me, "computer. computer. computer." while the front of my brain is doing the nervous peepee dance about the meeting with grant lady.

go to therapy, as that is right after school. spend entire time freaking out about upcoming meeting. therapist, fortunatly, is patient. and has lots of kleenex.

just to give you a time frame, my meeting with lady was at 4.

so, 4, walk into office.

burst into tears.

so far, so good.

but its OK! she understands! she doesnt want me to drop out, and nobody even checks to see if i pay back the two years time! and here, have some extra time, and come see me when you get ready to take on the next project, and yes, i understand why you would rather be Godzilla or a yak herder. *offers tissues*

i walk out of there feeling SO MUCH BETTER about grant program! not great, but BETTER.

go home, its now 5pm and there is no pretty UPS notice on my door, nor is there a computer waiting for me on my front step (and if there had been, HELL TO PAY, things get stolen).

so, i go check my email that has the pretty "check here for shipping info!" printed in cheery letters.

i click.

"delievered at 9:35 am."


"Signed by: Adrin."

WTF I KNOW NO ADRIN WHERE IS MY COMPUTER YOU FUCKERS LOST MY COMPUTER. in other words, i took a deep breath and called UPS.

"yes, we delievered it."

well, i dont have it, and i know no one named Adrin.

"we delievered it to the office."


they delievered it TO MY WORKPLACE at 9:35 this morning. no, says i, that cant be right, because someone in the office would have told me and i would have my computer right now.

"well, we dont see your name associated with it."

excuse me? i ordered it. i paid for it. i put my name and MY FUCKING ADDRESS on it, and you gave it to MY SCHOOL WITHOUT MY NAME ON IT OMFG I HATE YOU.

frantic call to school. its now 5:15, and there is no one answering in the office. i become hysterical. to the point brandus has no idea what im saying when i call him.

he calms me down, as he is amazing, and sends me off to the school.

fatalism has kicked in by now.

theyve taken my computer and opened it and given it to someone in the school because they didnt know it was mine and ill never find it tonight and tomorrow they wont know what im talking about and ill never see it again and if i do it will be broken in half and used and gross and i want my computer and i hate my life.

arrive at school (driving was an entertaining thing while half hysterical. dont do this at home kids.), see PEOPLE THERE. enter. no one in office. no one around. kick door. door, unsurprisingly, doesnt care.

see janitor. brain turns on. lightbulb goes "ding!"

janitor randomly opens door to office, you know, to clean it and stuff. alia dashes in, trying not to look like a)hunted animal, or b)person on a stealing rampage.


i only got 15 minutes to take it home and snuggle it and set it up and admire it before i had elsewhere to be, and because thats not an interesting story, will leave it out..

will have poll soon involving name of new computer.

And what have we learned from this lesson, class?

1) UPS sucks monkey balls
2) Brandus is able to calm the raging alia
3) Dont fuck with my computer

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