Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

*bites UPS man*

no computer yet. am cranky. is monday. am cranky. people are breathing. am cranky.

in other news, finally finished adding commentary to Rome pics on Ofoto. still havent molested them with my graphics program, or uploaded any to the spiral for story purposes, but thats because i suck. and am waiting on the new computer. *eats house while waiting*

im beginning to feel a little like Petey. *gnaws on your leg*

there was a point around here somewhere, if i could find it..

oh yeah, if you didnt see pics and wanted to, drop me your email. i think i got everybody, but you never know. if you want to see the Now! With Commentary! pics and youve already dropped your email, follow the link again.

if not, somebody make me an icon that says "yak herder," because thats going to be my next job.

*eats yak*

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