Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Batman Would Be Useless in Belfast

*squints* so, they have turned the fucking amazing two man play Mojo Mickybo into a movie?

..i have no idea what the say about this.

i was lucky enough to actually see Mojo Mickybo when i was in Ireland several years ago. I was taking an Irish Drama class, and we went up to Northern Ireland, and to Belfast for a week. And Mojo Mickybo totally knocked me on my ass, jumped up and down on me, and then kicked me in the shins and ran away.

Mojo Mickybo is properly a two man show, with one guy playing Mojo and a whole host of others, and the other playing Mickybo and a whole host of others. Translating this into a full movie, with torch woman and Mickybo's mum and everyone else? I dont know if it can be done and still pull off the same feeling.

i watched the trailer three times, and i still dont know. of course im going to go see it, if it comes anywhere near Denver.

i always told Brandus i would drag him to the play, if it ever made its way to the states..and if any venue could honestly bring it off. i mean, a two man show doesnt exactly fit into the Fabulous Fox Theater.

anyone else heard of this?

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