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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Calling You

Hey, anybody who wants to see all the ofoto'd Rome pics, drop me a comment with your email addy. SOME of the pics will be uploaded to the spiral and shared here, but if you want to see the whole mess, i needs your emails's.

also, my new computer is not yet here. am depressed and annoyed. and waiting by the door, even though it probably wont even be here til Monday. am thinking of naming it 'Zaphod' but havent decided.


Ooh, ooh! I like pics. :)


My poor computer is nameless. I should work on that. Hope you get yours soon.
check your email. and name your poor computer!
I know. My poor computer. But now it needs a really cool name. I'll think of something. I swear.

On to the pics! (Be prepared for random comments as I look through)

I love love love the one that Brandus took at the crack of dawn. So pretty.

Capri is gorgeous.

Oh, it's the Arch of Constantine I think.

Wow. I so want to go to Rome.

Gladiator!Brandus. Haha.

Hee. It looks like Brandus is tickling the foot in that painting in pic 64.

Uh oh. Someone's got a smudged lens.

Awesome pics, Alia! I am thoroughly jealous.

P.S. You're pretty :)
Hee. It looks like Brandus is tickling the foot in that painting in pic 64

HE IS! And he will be so thrilled that you noticed!

P.S. You're pretty :)

*sputters and blushes* aww, stop.

sorry had to do that.
i understand completely. Zaphod has that effect on people. Im just not sure if i want my new puter having that effect..see the problem?
You'd get the same effect if you named it Ford. Ford was always my favorite.

Oh! You could name it Slartbartifast!
i thought about Ford or Arthur, but thats too boring.

Slartbartifast takes too long to say or type.

Im considering Trillian as well.
Me me me! anyalindir@aol.com. I want to see pics!!
check your email!
*waves* :)
check your email!
Such pretty pics! *envies* I miss Europe travel.
ohh, pick me, pick me *coughs* I mean here is my mail: barefoot_at_kheb@hotmail.com :D
check thine email, oh knave.
do I have to get a account to view the pics? or am I just stupid and can't find where to click?
umm..i might have accidently turned on the "account only." hang on, let me look. try again in ten minutes.
yay!! now I can see them :) *looks* wow, so beautiful and looks like you had some great fun :)) and pretty you also :))
We had a fabulous time!

and pretty you also

*blushes* Ohh, stop.
I can imagine, so much great stuff to see :))

you saying it like I see it :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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