Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Mopey Moody Manipulative

This will be whiny, im kinda down today.

Nobody likes my remix. its not the best thing ever, and the last line still bothers me, and i totally went a different direction than what i had planned, but its a decent piece of fiction, i thought.

but ive gotten nothing. zip, zilch, nada. not even from the original author, and even if a story makes me wince in a ficathon or something, i still find SOMETHING nice to say about it, because somebody worked hard on it, and even if i dont like it, i appreciate the EFFORT.

so all i can guess is that it really is a piece of crap, and everyone reads the orginal and then mine and think, WTF.

*lays on floor and mopes*

also, the Return from Rome post is coming, i SWEAR. but im having to upload ALL the pics to ofoto, then i have to upload the ones i want to show off to my server, and then i have to write out stories with the correct picture links in there.

i have started on story post, over at the spiral, because there i can mark it 'draft' and save it and keep coming back to it.

and im not in the mood right now.


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