Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

In Pieces

Things that have shattered me, remix wise.

Harry Potter:
Till All My Skin Was Gone (The Homes That I Have Loved Remix - Tattoos and Sirius and Harry and Remus and Memories. and pain.

Coffee and Cigarettes (The Remote Foreign Objects Remix) - Remus and the taste of tea. this just..destroyed me.

Lucky Seven (The Weasleys Learn the Hard Way Remix) - 7 Weasleys, 7 dark possibilities. this broke me in half and jumped up and down on the shards of me. pain and hurt and omg its such a terrible collection of possibilities.

Accidently Like a Martyr (The Balance of Power Remix) - Logan wants. And he doesnt.

Joan of Arcadia:
Pilgrim Soul (extended unrequited remix) - not as earth shattering as some of the others, but quietly hurting and twisting the knife, and will leave you looking into the faces of the people you pass, looking for that flash of god.

there are so many more that i cant read now. some that i am deliberately avoiding. some that ive read and am musing over. have not read a bad story yet. these are just the ones that managed to break me somehow, and seriously, Lucky Seven left me shivering. read it. read them all.

and i havent heard from the person i remixed yet, and am climbing the walls. which is stupid, because it only opened tonight and there is plenty of time, but what if it sucks or its stupid or she just plain doesntt like it? im not even taking guesses at authors, because that ruins all the fun.

now, the fact im getting weepy over these is mostly likely due to the fabulousness of the writing, and the sheer power of the storylines, but, im thinking the jetlag and the being awake since 4:45 am might have something to do with going to bed now. at 8pm. i am an animal.

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