Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Return Triumphant!


Ive been awake since 4:45 AM this morning! it is now 10 am, and i am BORED OUT OF MY SKULL as i have nothing left to do! I have done laundry, mocked my husband, eaten ice cream, chased my cats and refused to clean my house.

my morning has been PACKED!

in case you cant tell, im back from Rome, and im seriously jetlagged, which hopefully explains the 4:45 am situation...

i have stories, but need to get them in order in my head and upload pics first, so i can show pics and stories at the same time.

heres a teaser! we almost missed our plane and had to run through the whole airport! obviously, we dont have pictures, but i looked in the mirror when we finally got on the plane (sitting nowhere near each other), and i was having the worlds best hair day! why on earth would i be having a good hair day the one day i seriously would not care about my hair? i was about to be on a plane for TEN HOURS, followed by a layover in New York, followed by a FOUR HOUR plane flight. so didnt care about the hair! and yet? awesome hair day! go figure.

also, finally turned in my remix, which i had not been able to turn in previously, based on travel and beta issues..*cough*. i had told vic, so there has been no pokey stick for me, but i still felt really guilty and bad.

but i was in Rome, so what did i care?


there was a happy happy package waiting for me when i got back!

i am now the proud owner of an unoffical copy of Earth 2 on dvd!! am so excited! Tommy, i hope youre jealous, but i can get you info if you want a copy of your very own..*big grin*

expect fic. seriously.

also, still scheming up Constantine fic, as i am entirely too addicted to this movie. i want to see it again, bringing my total in theater to three. yes, i need help, shut up.

also! in even more wonderful news, i recieved a very random check in the mail from one of my stocks! they sent me six hundred dollars! which immediately was applied to my discover card and now i am almost out of debt! and as soon as i pay off my discover card, i get to buy a new computer! am so excited.

oh petey! its past ten am! i have things to do before i crash again in about an hour!

jet lag! gotta love it!

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