Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Stories Piling Up

Things to tell all of my flist when i get back from Rome and can afford it:

1. why i cannot type on italian computers (what the hell does the alt gr key do? and why cant i find any of the punctuation?)

2. scooter!brandus and the scooter gangs

3. 1100 stairs just to spit off the top of st peters.

4. all i want to do is see dead people. why wont they let me see dead people?

5. the world's most evil italian woman

6. POPE ON A ROPE..or, in a snowglobe!

7. did alia get struck by lightening by accidently cussing in the vatican?

8. why there was no swimming in capri, and why we have decided to buy a row boat and move here (we'll make a fortune!)

9. why i have no pictures of nuns

10. why we ate chinese while in the capital of pasta

arent you dying of curiousity now? dont you want me to come home and tell you everything? well, HA, you have to wait til Saturday!

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