Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Life Is Like an Audrey Hepburn Movie

hola from Rome, mon amies!

wow, talk about mixing languages..and not even the right ones!

Rome is wild and very cool, and i have TONS to tell you guys, including stories about evil italian women, scooter!brandus, and life in capri, but i have no time! also, my stomach hurts, and this is costing money to tell you about. nonetheless!

i miss you all TONS, but cannot check on my friends page, as im sure yall have been very talky talky and again, costing money to babble.

but i have not forgotten you! i will return!

and i have postcards for the two of you who asked, but havent mailed them yet!

i am abusing exclamation points, so i really gotta go. so, be jealous of me, leave me faboo comments, leave me comments about anything fic or fandom wise, or just cool, that i have missed, and i will update very soon!


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