Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

And Now for Something Completely Different

Tis time for this weeks LOSER icons! Whoo!

although, technically, the winners for kessel_run havent been announced yet, but currently im part of a four way tie for third place. oops?

figure out the fandom yourself, if you dare. *evil laughter*

also, this wasnt entered anywhere, but i forgot to post it the first time around.

  • Lost fic: The Ones Who Watch (PG13)

    Title: The Ones Who Watch Author: alianora (aliaspiral) Fandom(s): Lost Rating: PG13 Warnings: none Recipient: florahart

  • Lost Fic: Football Carry

    Title: Football Carry Author: alianora Rating: PG13 Summery: Before Turniphead is born, Charlie learns how to hold a baby. Almost. Very very late…

  • Lost Fic: Covet

    Title: Covet Author: alianora Fandom: Lost Rating: NC17 Warnings: Incesty, chan-ish Summery: He tells himself that he loves her like a brother. AN:…

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