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Lost Fic: The Most Beautiful Bloom

Title: The Most Beautiful Bloom
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: She is worthy. The other is not. A Petey fic.
Warnings: Read Beggar’s for Roses AND Don’t Pick the Flowers before trying this one. Otherwise it will make no sense. It might not anyway.

He had seen her walking. Looking over everything like she was the superior being on this island.

She had walked through the garden before. Sunglasses on, arrogantly striding through His garden, like it was hers.

And behind her came the other. Constantly chasing after her. Giving her the worship that rightfully belonged to Him.

She snarled as he took her arm, and said something in a mocking voice. She laughed scornfully as the other offered her one of the lesser flowers of the garden.

She knocked the bloom to the ground, and tossed her hair.

He was interested. She had spirit. She might be worthy to be his newest Priestess.

The other, however, was useless.

She obviously thought the same, as she pushed past the puny one and jeered at him.

She bent to fix her sandal, and that’s when she saw Him.

He preened some, as He was the most beautiful bloom on the island, and it had been a long time since His last worshipper.

She did not touch, but instead, turned to the puny one. Her voice mocked him, saying something about his inability to impress her.

She gestured to Him, and then laughed as she turned to leave. It was not a pretty sound.

The other watched her leave, impotent anger in his eyes.

The puny one snarled and stomped through the garden, until he stood right in front of Him.

He felt a slow excitement. Hunger curled through Him as the other came closer and closer.

The puny one was muttering something about the girl. As the boy reached out to touch His deceptively soft petals, He struck.

The screaming was short, and His hunger was soon satisfied.

Yes, the girl would make a good Priestess. She had, after all, brought Him the first sacrifice in years.

He turned toward the setting sun, stretching newly unfurled leaves.

The blood was quite lovely in this light.

Tags: drabbles, lost fic, petey fic

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