Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

*pokes flist*

Just did a whole huge long post on the Spiral about teaching and why i think im going to quit and become a circus clown.

it mainly comes down to the fact that being a clown would be less scary than being a teacher.

plus, then i could give everyone nightmares.

brandus was asking me about what i would rather do and i DONT KNOW. do i want to write? yes. do i want to do something arty? yes.

could i? no. not really.

im dependent. its a security blanket situation for me. and writing and art are uncertain and uneven fields.


i really need to finish my remixredux. anybody want to beta for me when its done?

its hard, because ive actually started three different stories, and still cant decide which one im going with. and only two of those are actually from the same original story.

blergh. must finish before Friday. as i am leaving for Rome, Italy on Sunday, and will be in Denver all weekend before that. ROME!

am also jealous. penmage (who i just found out friended me today, hello!) works for Aladdin books, and i really would love to do that.

sadly, all big publishing companies are in New York, as far as I know, and there is NO WAY we are moving there. gah. where are some other publishing companies? i think there should be one in Asheville, NC, so i can get a job when we move there. if we move there.

this is a very whiney post. yuck.

lets try again.

Im working on my remix fic! and im having a great time, but im struggling because the person who i am remixing is a fabulous writer and im a little intimidated. plus, several very well written stories, and help?

also, am actually working on a kid's book, which is more nerve-wracking than you would think. im using my cheesy copy of How to Write a Children's Book, which makes me feel vaguely stupid, but at least im trying. ive written an erased large amounts of text. the problem is, is there ISNT large amounts of text in children's books! eek!

Brandus had mentioned several times the plan to move back South, which thrills me to pieces. big sis might like the snow, but snow and i have never gotten along. of course, it will still be a couple of years, at least, before we can escape from Colorado, but the plan is still there.

And, for Shannon. i told her i would, and i will. there is a very nasty insult behind the cut. Shannon has been hangin out with some evil people, and they deserve it.

Those people are just dumb dumbs.

There! i said it! the nastiest thing ive said all day!

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