Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Things Ive Learned From the Duke Boys

Ok, so, just from the first two episodes of the first season of the Dukes of Hazzard (which, omg watch it watch it watch it), i have learned (or relearned)..

-I can still sing the theme song by heart. i should probably be ashamed, but instead, im dancing and singing.
-Boss Hogg eats raw liver for breakfast
-Uncle Jessie kicks all kinds of ass
-Bo Duke is dumber than a box of rocks
-and yet, is still hot. meep.
-Daisy can take care of herself. i always thought she was useless, but now i see the light.
-Enis is the oldest living virgin in Hazzard County
-Bo is supposed to be 24 years old in S1, so how old is Luke supposed to be?
-I still adore the General Lee
-Bo is way oversexed.
-s1 was filmed half an hour from my mama's hometown
-this show destroys my ability to talk normally. help. brings back my natural born accent with a vengence.
-there are many many shots of Daisy's ass and cleavage. there should really be more shots of Bo and Luke shirtless. and pantless. *mind wanders*
-im still waiting on the Luke/Daisy eye sex. anxiously.

*dances* i so need more Dukes fic. really really.

and here, for those of you who arent watching, the best line so far:
Bo: You know, Daisy, if you werent my cousin, I'd marry you.
Daisy: Never stopped anyone in this family before!


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