Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Like the Bermuda Triangle

Last night was Cowtown's performance of The Vagina Monologues. This is my second year involved, and the third year for Cowtown.

Im still amazed that Cowtown doesnt spontaneously combust or go up in flames. This year, we even had some protesters. we felt very big time.

Year one, we had three professional actresses do all of the monologues. I never got to see that one, but i heard it was good, but didnt have alot of emotional impact.

Last year, there were over 35 of us on stage, about 8 women in the Vulva chorus, and the rest of us with individual or dual monologues. I and another lady split "My Vagina Was My Village" and got a really amazing response. The intro had us all marching onto stage, and each of us had a shield and we actually spelled out "Vagina Warriors" which was hellishly cool and i still have my shield, thanks much.

This year, we had less women - about 25, on stage, which was actually nicer and less insane and made the intro a little easier. We danced onto the stage to the tune of "I Will Survive." I actually got the first laugh in the show this year, that was fun. :) My line in the intro was the line about how much darkness and secrecy surrounded our vaginas, "like the Bermuda Triangle - Nobody ever reports back from there!"

I was one of five women who did the selection, "They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy..Or So They Tried." Amazing piece about transgendered women, and it was a real thrill to get a chance to do such a different piece. It seemed to be well recieved, but its difficult to tell here. Cowtown is a little backwards, and transgender issues might be beyond a lot of the town. Heck, in the town i used to work in, people looked at me funny for reading the Harry Potter books.

I really do enjoy doing this show, even the parts of it i dont particularly like. I dont like the Wear and Say lists, or the Smell lists, or A Six Year Old Girl Was Asked. It just seems odd to me. Would you ask a little boy what kind of shapes he could make with his penis? its just a little odd.

My Angry Vagina rocked the world this year. Not as intense as last year, funnier though. I Was Twelve, My Mother Slapped Me went great, and is probably my favorite complete monologue. We didnt do it last year, and I cant help but think that a piece about menustration would probably be included every year, as thats kind of a basic fact about vaginas.

The one that brought down the house though, was The Vagina Workshop. The woman who did it played it. And it doesnt hurt that my favorite single line from the entire show is from that monologue.

"I've lost it! Ive lost my clitoris! I shouldnt have worn it swimming!"


but it was a great show, and Brandus ended up actually making it, and Melisa sent me flowers. A very good time was had, and im already looking forward to next year! If you get the chance, and you have never seen it, go. its an amazing show. parts of it will probably offend you, but it is such a strong show overall, that you should stay and see the whole thing.

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