Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Sulky AND Not a Whore

Had the whole thing typed out, hit post, and lj ate it. bastage.

anyway, was babbling about weirdness in feedback involved in fic. i love feedback, adore feedback, would sacrifice some of my least favorite plot bunnies to get feedback, etc.

However, i would not go as far as emailing people who didnt feedback me.

some people, however, WOULD go that far.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has happened to me. I have gotten email about not feedbacking an author.

what was really funny is that i never read the author. ever.

this was on list a couple of years ago (i know, cause it was one of the roswell lists i was on), and there is an author who is very very prolific. so much so that she was generally writing ten different stories with ten different plots and all of them were multichaptered. so she would send chapter 4 of storyA, chapter 2 of storyB, chapter 37 of storyC, and so on.

i couldnt keep the plots straight, so i just skipped over them and went on to the next email in my box.

so, one day, i delete chapter 467 of story 8003, and go on to next story (which i reread all the time, cause its hot as hell), which is SHOWER SMUT starring Michael and Maria, and omg have i mentioned the shower kink i have? yeah.

so i read, salivate, fall in love, and send an email (meant to be private, but im a spaz, so naturally it goes to the whole group) squeeing about the SHOWER! and the Candy! and the hot! and omgiloveyou!

i get an email back. but NOT from the author i wrote too, the one who wrote the shower smut.

No, i get an email from so-prolific-i-could-stab-my-eyes-out author.

"What about the other authors on list? You should feedback everyone for their hard work. Don't you like my stories? Ive gotten really great feedback from everyone else!"


now, prolific author is a pretty decent writer. she can spell and type, and doesnt seem like a 14 year old teeny fangurl. and i know if i mentioned her by name, other oldtimer Roswellians would probably know who she was.

but..but..she EMAILED me, because i sent feedback to someone who was not her.

*blinks more*

*still confused, years after the fact*

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