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How pretty is Sayid? Really?

he is even prettier when he is kissing. meep. and the more i see Sayid/Shannon, the more i cheer. i still adore the incest, but they are so cute. and cute in a hotter way than my PB&J love. which was difficult for me to say. but seriously. and the way they were all cuddled up at the end? makes me want to know what all they got up to the night before...*licks lips* anybody want to write that for me? *hopeful look*

i actually like Jin more now. not adore him, but like him. and feel bad for him. and i so called it when he said his dad was dead. and "boat" was a start, at least.

why was this week about fathers?

really, Walt and Michael, Sun's dad, Jin and his dad, Jack's continuing dad issues..

did Walt use his brain to burn the raft? or his hands. i want this fic too. maybe i will work on it tonight.

what a great ending. Hurley's batteries finally died. does this mean the end of the music montage at the end of almost every week? or does Sawyer have batteries hidden away? and next week is HURLEY WEEK! did everyone see him on tv when Jin was sent with the message he didnt deliever according to mob lessons? hee! i love Hurley.

Boone, you GOTTA get over your sister. and i mean that in a "dude, give me more incest" way, but still. dont mess with the Sayid/Shannon (do they have a name yet?). Locke, you still freak me the fuck out. please continue. eventually, i will figure out if you are good or evil.

Oh Sun. You are so lovely, and you do love your husband, and you are all mixed up. and you look good in a bikini. and you told him you were leaving him..but you said it in english, so you are still working on your courage, but youre trying.

teeny tiny but of Charlie and Claire goodness. but yay! and i loved the fight scene with the ring of people..those who werent involved looked so uncomfortable, and Charlie winced everytime Michael hit Jin.

Sawyer, please warn me before you kick people in the head. it scared me and i yelped. however, i would like to point out that Jin is getting a bad degree of uncounciousness..with Ethan and now Sawyer. and several fights with Michael. im really glad they remembered about the handcuff that was cut off, not unlocked.

im sure i have more..but my videotape quit halfway through, so i cant go back and check. dammit.

gotta go work on Walt burning the raft fic. yay fic!

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