Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Things to Do

List for me. Feel free to mock or whatever, but the truth is, unless its written down somewhere where i wont lose it, things dont get done.

-work on remixredux
-answer hp_fool challange drabbles. this round looks like fun, so come play. might answer my own challange as well.
-write GG fic that is bouncing around my brain. Luke hears the message.
-read TWoP recaps of GG and Joan of Arcadia. i am so behind on Joan
-write anything Lost related that doesnt feature a giant man-eating orchid
-rec GG fic for minionsficrecs
-rec anything for roswellficrecs as i have been neglecting it
-try and stop giggling everytime i see the trailer for The Pacifier

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