Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Gilmore on the Roof

ok, number one? Kirk, please never sing love songs to a ten year old EVER AGAIN. ok, moving on.

the boat. wasnt surprised, but i am surprised by how well im liking Lorelai, and how..manic-ly selfish she is being.

loved friday night dinner at is Rory swearing off Adolf and Eva too? Christopher emailed Rory, which i think is a cowards way out. of course, i already think Chris is a coward. but as Lorelai looked more and more disapproving at his excuses, i was reminded of her many many excuses to Luke last week. and yes, the more excuses you make, the more you need to make.

i love Lulu. i have no explanations for it, but she is so completely adorably kooky. and Luke's confusion about set building, and perking up when he heard Lorelai was doing the costumes was fabulous.

Luke is so great with kids. he was teaching them how to build things, and he took the nuttiness they dished out completely in stride..well, mostly in stride. "My mother is a lesbian!" "do you know many lesbians?" hee!

Kirk? oh Kirk. i have nothing to say, and am shaking my head in bemusement.

the "Do You Love Me" scene broke my heart. seriously, until tonight, i wasnt moved. mainly because we saw Lorelai suffering and in the back of my head was this little voice saying "nyah nyah!" to her, because she deserved it. but seeing how desperate Luke was to see her, storming over to her special private garage place (which was pink and glittery and possibly gave me a seizure), to yell about her not being there. but the music scene..aside from the creepiness that was Kirk singing love songs to a little ten year old (who had a good voice), oh my god, heartbreaking. the almost looks, Lorelai looked..striken, and Luke was so uncomfortable and stiff, and would ALMOST shift his eyes but would jerk himself back to the play.

I have no interest in Rory/Logan. i like Logan, which..bothers me quite a bit, but i ADORE Marty. and i was so worried that the brief small scene with him running away from Rory and Lorelai would be all we saw of him this ep. i was so glad to see him and Rory interacting, because they have a good banter. and i do like them as friends. maybe next season he would be a good boyfriend. after Logan has sexed her up and crushed her still beating heart underneath his $75 dinner and very expensive shoes.

i love you Marty. and i hate that Rory wanted to destroy your fun day to go hang out with the Logan. but i did love how hard she worked to set up "the perfect hang out day". with the wig and the posters and the obsessive overdoing it. all Lorelai. she was nervous, you could tell.

ps. Doyle and Paris make me giggle.

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