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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Avonlea Icons

well..you know those caps i mentioned? i, er, kinda iconed too.

i cant help it! Gus Pike is adorable! *squishes him*

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

comment and credit, s'il vous plait.


Gus Pike! I used to have such a crush on Gus Pike! When he was presumed dead it was devastating to my little heart. Heh.
oy my gosh. when Felicity yelled at Sally Potts for lying about the ship going down, i started to cry. and i cried through the REST OF THE EPISODE. and then i cried the next season when we see him again. and again when he woke up after surgery and said, "if thats a proposal, i accept." and then i cried at the wedding.

its official. i am a sap.

i so wish i could afford to buy the DVDs from Sullivan, but they are something like $80 a season. and there were...8 seasons? 7? i have assorted episodes on VHS, but they arent very good quality, as they are tapes of a tape...and i am now completely rambling. ill go away now.
I didn't even know the seasons were available on dvd - Gah! ::must stop self from spending money::

It's funny because the very first season Felicity was so annoying and her character really grew up and came into her own (becoming my favorite)

i LOVE Felicity! even first and second season when she was such a prissy, stuck up little thing. i love her introduction to Gus! trying to throttle Felix, hair falling down, and chest stuffed. HEE!
*squeels* Wasn't he the character that got amnesia after the war at some point? I think it was in the last season...
his ship went down about a year or so before the war..slight amnesia, but was blinded, so when his memories came back he refuesed to contact the Kings. i think Felix got amnesia in "Happy Christmas, Miss King" which was a special about a year after the show went off. that was in the war.
Oh wow! I remember Avonlea! It was on the Disney Channel... Although I didn't get to watch it that much, since back then Disney Channel wasn't part of basic cable, and my mom made me pick between Nickelodeon (also non basic cable at the time) and Disney Channel, and I picked Nickelodeon... Sometimes the Disney Channel would have a free preview though, and I'd watch it then... And gahh, I'm rambling. *g*

Anyway, so is Avonlea out on DVD or anything?

Emily :)
yes, and its VERY expensive, and they arent out in the US, so i cant NetFlix them..but there are 2 dvds out here, with 4 eps on each, kinda random. i netflixed those two. :)

the seasons are $80 each.
Taking them all. Will credit!
GUS!! how much do we adore him? i mean, honestly? he's the total cuteness. i shall, with your permission of course, take the kissing one and possibly the text-less gus. 'cause i lubs him oh-so-much. ;)
why didnt i answer this already?

and since when do you need my permission to take icons? in your head, add "for krispy," everytime i post anything with icons in it. *nods firmly*

ive been working on your "I like cornflakes" and it is fighting me and laughing about me behind my back..and probably wanking afterwards. cause you know, cornflakes. *evil grin*
Aww...those are cute.
taking #2, will credit!
thanks! enjoy!
Those are great! One of my favorite avonlea episodes ever. i took #2. Thanks
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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