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To start with? BWAHHAHAA! the boar! stalking Sawyer! *falls over cackling hysterically*

i would also like to mention that the promo guy is an evil crackwhore who lies and turns tricks. this ep had nothing to do with Jack and Sawyer...

i love Hurley. This is important. because he is worried about Ethan coming back as a ZOMBIE! the silly fic writes itself! "Id go first..because im heavy..and i get cramps."

Dear Charlie, I love you. I know you killed Ethan and are having a tough time with that, and the being hanged until mostly-dead, and losing Claire and getting her back without her memories of you, and of being in withdrawel from the smackfarthing and trying to deal with aspirin, but, you know, be nice. and poor Claire!

and SOMEBODY! Claire is having dream memories! of Charlie! SOMEBODY WRITE ME THOSE DREAMS!!! *snaps fingers impatiently*

I just cant help it, i love Sawyer. and more importantly? Sawyer makes me like Kate! i dont know how that works, but when she is with Jack, shes boring. when she is with Sawyer, shes got an attitude! and i like her! and i KNOW Sawyer is a jackass, but thats why i like him. really! the smirk he gets when Jack says, "is that supposed to be a joke?" made me cackle. and his reactions to the boar? STILL LAUGHING.

Jack has many more tattoos than i thought he did...*blinks in confusion* Sawyer's real name actually James? Thats how he introduced himself to Not!Older!Sawyer...

Poor baby Sawyer! Omg! trauma!

we found out some really interesting backstory on lots of people tonight..what we learned:
-Locke had a sister who died when she was nine from falling off the monkey bars
-Locke and his sister were in foster care
-Kate was married for a short time
-Jack's dad forgave him and understood what he did
-Hurley is a horror movie fan (BWAH!)
-Sawyer's real name might be James
-Sawyer is from Tennessee

i, wearing my Southern-ness proudly, loved that Sawyer asked about jack's "daddy." trust me, all Southerners do this. i still call my father "Daddy" and know many many guys i went to high school with who called their fathers daddy as well. its just..normal. so i liked that they added in that touch. which is probably silly of me..

I liked the Sayid-Charlie interactions, and i like that Charlie isnt trying to be the tough guy and not accepting help.

i want to know where James/Sawyer grew up after the murder suicide of his parents. really, i do, im bothered by this.

my brain is starting to break down..what am i forgetting?

oh yeah, the main flashbacks! duh.

i expected Not!Older!Sawyer to be..well, not Sawyer. shame on Hilts (Hiltz? Hills?) for using Sawyer to get back at this guy who owed him money. bastard. and how did he find out Sawyer's past?

It took me a minute to identify Jack's Dad..possibly because i was having to explain to Brandus everything that had just happened..but i really love how they are very very slowly tying everyone together. so, we've gotten the Jack and Sawyer connections, and we know that Sawyer ends up in jail shortly after, where Boone is reporting that dude is abusing Shannon. (Sawyer was yelling something about "i was helping him!", so im not sure that he went to jail because of killing Not!Older!Sawyer)

am looking forward to next weeks..its Sun's ep, isnt it?

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