Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Gilmorian 100

Luke is not a gardener. this is important.

Did anyone else laugh when Lorelai was talking about how much she hated the rich spoiled people because they are so selfish and completely focused on themselves?

im evil and going to hell. i know this. but i still snickered.

oh Luke. how i love you and hate that Emily hates you. and you look very nice. no matter what they say. *kicks Emily*

and how cute was Gypsy when she was avoiding drunken Emily? And the pasta! bwah! it was nice of Lorelai to throw that together


how cute is Rory in her suit..and OMG Luke's face when he saw Lorelai walking up the aisle!!!! *flails* i really think Lorelai should be the one to propose to Luke, by the way. PS. Luke is sitting in the front row, the "family row." take that emily! and the looks and the smiles and you know they are both thinking about it!!

go AWAY Chris. dont destroy this. seriously, i will pay you to go away. and Emily, dont think ive forgiven you for thinking Luke is beneath Lorelai.

i also really want to write a fic where Rory throws a hissy at Emily about how she treats Luke. Ive thought about it.

HEE! Rory hiding behind the guy who is way too interested in family trees.

Oh, thank you Lorelai. you stopped lying. of course, Luke is still pissed. and i so dont blame him. but they have been dating four months! four months! of course, now she is a babbling idiot, but that happens when she is nervous.

Im back to adoring Richard. help. "my name is bill."

oh shit..Chris is getting drunk. this will not end well.

Lorelai loves Luke. She does. she didnt say it yet, but all the people in love were invited out onto the floor..and Lorelai wanted to go!!

um..Rory, i love seeing you get shot down. i love seeing you grow a spine and an attitude. but this is not the best idea ever. and i love Logan. and that bothers me too. and you generally have appalling taste in guys. Dean was first love, and that was adorable in S1. Jess was an ass with a brain. Marty is your Luke. Logan seems like a combo of Dean and Jess. and that bothers me too. maybe you should turn lesbian and date Paris. i would watch that.

Chris. i hate you.

Luke. you made Rory mashed potatoes everyday for a week? i love you. i love you. and you should hit Chris really hard. can i hit Chris really hard?

i love seeing Lorelai actually so pissed she is not even joking around anymore. fuck you, Chris. Emily, you are going to have to step really really fancy to get your ass out of this one.

*cries all over promos for next week*

*sees Rory*

*laughs really hard*

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