Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Im having a very mopey day. Even though tonight is Gilmore Girls 100th episode, is not cheering me up.

Im not a fan of my job lately, and Senor thinks i should be looking into other options for next year, and i just dont know. but its upsetting to even talk about work frustrations, and now he wants me to go see a career counselor and/or a therapist to help me figure it out.

this is a huge thing, by the way. when i asked brandus if he would be willing to go when he was really struggling with his dad's cancer diagnoses, he had a high holy fit that he wasnt that screwed up, thanks very much. so, i guess his education to BE a therapist is finally coming in handy.

its not as bad as it was when i was working That Horrible Teaching Job. i mean, im not coming home everyday and crying or anything. im just frustrated and annoyed and i feel like i suck at my job and i dont like it.

*pokes flist* dance dammit. i need amusement.

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