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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Im having a very mopey day. Even though tonight is Gilmore Girls 100th episode, is not cheering me up.

Im not a fan of my job lately, and Senor thinks i should be looking into other options for next year, and i just dont know. but its upsetting to even talk about work frustrations, and now he wants me to go see a career counselor and/or a therapist to help me figure it out.

this is a huge thing, by the way. when i asked brandus if he would be willing to go when he was really struggling with his dad's cancer diagnoses, he had a high holy fit that he wasnt that screwed up, thanks very much. so, i guess his education to BE a therapist is finally coming in handy.

its not as bad as it was when i was working That Horrible Teaching Job. i mean, im not coming home everyday and crying or anything. im just frustrated and annoyed and i feel like i suck at my job and i dont like it.

*pokes flist* dance dammit. i need amusement.


If you still need amusement and are feeling down, I could send you what i have of the True/Farscape crossover? If nothing else, the cheesiness might make you laugh...or cry!
hey, you never know, it could work. plus, its True. and i like her. you can email it, iffen you want..and if you want me to beta while im reading it, i can do that too.

and cheese is fun! we all like cheese!
well color you blue (hey, wasn't blue sad)
then sing to your self, it always amuses me to sing the eeny meeny miny song, makes me giggle... then picture your father with a sling over his shoulder, and that vein about to pop out of his freakin head telling you what a bad influence I (me , sweet precious lil me) am, and then eat ben and jerry's, oh and don't forget the mental image of mitz doing the stair thing...that freaks me out a bit though, she just looks like she belongs in a horron movie, ya know, smile NOW
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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