Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Six Degrees

Ive had an interesting weekend.

In short, i found out that i am indirectly linked to both Joey Lawrence AND Sean Astin.

Let me explain, cause this is wildly entertaining to me.

I was at my sister's birthday party last night, and was talking to Amy, Mel's old roommate. We get to talking about random things and 80's, because she and her girlfriend Amanda know im amused by the 80's.

When Amy was in 8th grade, she won a contest.

She got to go on a tv show.

Not just any tv show, but the tv show, "Gimme a Break" with Nell Carter. She showed me the episode last night too. Its so cute! Nell sings to her! This was the cruise ship episode for anyone who remembers these things.

So there is the Joey Lawrence connection.

And then? We are talking about random connections to people, because of this odd situation..and come to find out that Amy's sister is engaged. But she isnt engaged to just anyone. No, Amy's sister is engaged to Mackenzie Astin. Former Child Star. Brother of my beloved hobbit, Sean Astin.

If I can just figure out a way to swing an invite to the wedding....

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