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That was the MacGyver theme song, can you tell?

Im sure i look completely insane, as i am currently using two computers at the SAME TIME. i am lj-ing over here on mine, and capping MacGyver for all you fine people! and, you know, mainly for me, cause DUDE, its Mac, and i need icons. must have caps to icon, and so, am capping.

anyway, sitting here watching these though..oh my god..the memories! the bad acting! im not talking about RDA, cause he rocks the world in so many ways. except when he is trying to explain a scientific phemonanon that he doesnt understand. and then he gets this slightly glazed look. its really funny.

but i am seriously tempted to write recaps of episodes. mainly because im watching "The Golden Triangle" which is the one in Burma where there is a drug dealer and a village who harvests it, and Mac leads them in a revolt. and the main bad guy who is under (and yes, cause man, so obvious he loves him, so please take it dirty) the drug dealer is currently the king of overacting. and the drug dealer! GAYEST BAD GUY EVER. leather pants, a beret, a riding crop..its so obvious. and painful. and funny!

and why, exactly, did the Fonz (he produced this show, you know) decide it was necessary to dub over all little kids? the little Imitation ShortRound and the Gypsy Girl both sound SO FAKE.

so, am tempted to do a cross between _wisteria's screencap reviews of shows, and cleolinda's movies in fifteen minutes.

MacGyver in Fifteen Minutes!

ETA: MacGyver - The Complete First Season

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