Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Truth and Lies REVEALED!

Truth and Lies UNCOVERED!

1. I was in a TV commercial.
TRUE. It was a local commerical for the dancewear store next to my dance studio. i was also a model. scary, dont you think?

2. I have two tattoos.
LIE. I have one. i might want another..but i have no idea what or where.

3. I still sleep with my teddy bear.
TRUE. but only when Brandus isnt home or i go to bed way before him.

4. I have flown (and landed) a plane.
TRUE. All hail the random things you get to do at Space Camp!

5. I started my first web site while I was in Ireland.
TRUE. I was very bored, and in Ireland for 6 weeks. and i had nothing to do that night...yeah, it wasnt geocities, but it wasnt much better. i improved much when i got back to the states and taught myself html.

6. I was afraid of ET as a child.
LIE. This is my sister Natalie's claim to fame.

7. I had an inch worm as an imaginary friend.
TRUE. Oddly, yes. There was a reason. My parents were redoing the basement, and there was this long unused role of carpet that ended up down there for WEEKS. so a friend and i decided it was magic.

8. I read "Gone with the Wind" in two days.
TRUE. When i was 9. Im a freak, i know.

9. I hate strawberries.
LIE. I love strawberries. LOVE THEM.

10. I became a vegetarian when I married one.
LIE. I am a very proud carnivore.

11. My dad used to make me crazy by tapping out a certain rhythm.
TRUE. my "boyfriend" from when i was 5's name was David B. and my father found he could make me crazy by singing it. at some point, all he had to do was tap out the rhythm and i would go INSANE.

12. I like dark chocolate.
LIE. I tolerate it, but i dont like it. give me any other kind of chocolate.

13. I own a "newsie" style cap.
TRUE. More than one. Shut up.

14. I went looking for the Loch Ness Monster.
TRUE. Ireland trip again. We swung by Scotland and Inverness. it was very cool.

15. I had Y2K contingency plans.
TRUE. For fun, more than anything. Nonetheless, shut up.

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