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Gilmore Fic: All the Things He Can't Remember

Title: All the Things He Can't Remember
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: She lied. And he cant forgive.
Spoilers: based on Lorelai's lying in Women of Questionable Morals, and promos of the Luke and Chris confrontation later this season.

When his mother died, he started running.

When his father died, he went fishing.

When Rachel left, he took up woodworking.

When Lorelai lied, he forgot how to breathe.

He went fishing, and forgot to bring his fishing pole. He spent three days sitting on the dock, staring at the water. Locked in the glove compartment of his truck was a cell phone that he couldnt remember how to turn off.

And he couldnt answer it.

He had given her all that he could. He only had two hands, and he used them to build her an ice rink while she was lying to him with a smile on her face.

What had she ever built for him?

Besides his hopes for a new life, and love.

But she had lied, about spending time with Him. And all those newly built dreams had crumpled slowly underneath the upturned nose of Emily Gilmore and the triumphant sneer on His face as the lie was hurled at him.

Her face had crumbled too, with horror that she had been found out.

But not with guilt.

And that was why he couldnt go back.

She saw nothing wrong with what she had done. Because she had done it "to protect him," because she "knew he would react like this."

So now what could he do? His apartment, without her there, was cold. The diner was busy, full of people who watched him, trying to figure out what had happened.

And he sat upstairs in his apartment packing, trying to remember which of his shirts didnt smell like her.

And then he left, and couldnt remember how to get to the lake.

He ended up two counties away and had to turn around when he finally noticed.

But it didnt matter. Lane could handle the business end of the diner, and Cesar could do the running around. Chances are, was already there, talking a mile a minute with a full cup of coffee, and not even noticing he wasnt there.

No, that wasnt fair. He knew she noticed, and probably worried. She might even be calling him, or looking for him.

He was glad right now, that he never brought her up here.

He had planned on it. He had bought new sheets for the cabin, and a brand new down comforter, because she gets cold.

He was sleeping in a tent, so he didnt have to go inside and see the entire cabinet he had stocked with coffee.

For her.

But he couldnt get past what had happened. She had gone to see Him, and then lied about it. And didnt see any problems with her lie.

And he couldnt forgive her. And he couldnt breathe without her.

And he couldnt fish without a pole.

So, he sat.

And he tried to forget the things he didnt want to remember. Like the smell of her hair or the sound of her laugh.

He tried to forget she lied.

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