Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Gilmorian Thoughts

So, i watched Gilmore Girls on Tuesday, and have been questioning whether i enjoyed it or not..

i liked parts of it, specifically, the Richard and Emily bonding over the dog. they seemed much more relaxed with each other, and back to almost normal interaction. i look forward to seeing Emily put the smackdown on Richard though, and i STILL maintain that he deserves it.

Rory looked pretty. Otherwise, she was Rory, and i didnt pay much attention. did she do anything? *ponders*

Lorelai's relationship with snow coming to such an abrupt end was funny, and im kinda hoping it will kill off the tendency for people to write fic with Luke proposing during the first snow. im not holding my breath though. but Lorelai beating the snow off of her jeep was really funny.

i want a Luke of my own. anyone know where to order one? so far, he fixes skates, roofs, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, toasters, ovens, and builds both chuppas and ice rinks. and makes Santa Burgers. please send one to my house right away, as i will be waiting by my door.

Now, to the bad.

Lorelai, i threatened you once, and i will say it again.

If you break Luke's heart, i will beat you with your own pointy expensive high heeled shoes.

You are so unworthy of this man, it makes me sputter with anger to watch you lie to him about Christopher. You SHOULD have called him before hand. You SHOULD have called him while you were there. But you didnt, and now you have LIED about it. Regardless of the fact that nothing happened between you and Chris, Luke is now going to think something did. Its not because he doesnt trust you, so dont even try throwing that one around when he finds out and hits the roof. its that you LIED. Dont say you didnt know, because you and Rory and Sookie discussed this LAST time, when you went over to rescue Chris, and didnt tell Luke. And both Rory and Sookie were shocked that you hadnt told him.

You take advantage of him, and his availability, and i am highly looking forward to your
penance as the town turns against you. and i am dearly hoping it does.

that does not, however, mean that i am looking forward to watching Luke's hidden heart get smattered all over the remains of the ice rink he built for you.

Where, exactly, did he think you were? I cant see him not noticing your jeep isnt home, or that you didnt come into the diner for a post dinner cup of coffee and a hot piece of diner man.

damn you, Lorelai Gilmore. I see where this whole thing is headed, and im in terror and already in mourning for the soft hearted man who loves you so.

and you cant even see it.

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