Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Boredom Causes Weirdness

and, because i need another thing to do like i need a hole in my head, i figured i would come bother all my livejournal friends, and tell you all about the 10 fictional people i consider counterworthy.

these arent really in any sort of order, cause im a bit too distracted by shiny objects to put them in order of yum factor.

this is kinda stolen from magelette/kara, but not really. shes just the last person who's list i read.

10 Counterworthy Fictional People

1. Michael Guerin -Roswell. its the bad boy with a sweet side. and i just watched Heatwave and he tossed Maria on a counter, and looked damn yummy doing it.

2. Wolverine - movieverse. hugh jackman. that man is sex is toast. especially when he's all growly and protective, and ..ooh. he gives me the shivers.

3. Lindsey - Angel. with the tattoos please. and the snark.

4. Snape - HPmovieverse. i love that man's voice. "even put a stopper in death." hell, he could just stand there and scold me for all i care.

5. Spike - Buffy/Angel. its the snark. and the cheekbones. and the head tilt. and the body. and..and..i just cant talk about it.

6. Han Solo - cause hell? has his own ship, has the snark, has the body.

7. Indiana Jones - its the hat. and thats all i can say.

8. Faith - Buffy. cause shes pretty, and fierce, and

9. Davor - Finover Tapastry. - he has an ax. and those books make me hurt. and he deserves it.

10. Alex Whitman - Roswell, but DocPaul's Praet series. there are tattoos, and yumminess. but under it all? still sweet boy Alex. just with more of an attitude.

there are more..but there is a difference between people id like to do, and people who are counterworthy. totally different subject.

arent you glad i told you?

now, excuse me, i have to pee.

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