Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Birthday Redux

Today has been like my birthday and christmas and every other good holiday all rolled into one!

now, the day itself sucked, but thats no important.

what IS important is that Brandus is taking me to Denver to see Jesus Christ Superstar, which was a late birthday present!

what IS important is that there was a pretty amazon box waiting for me when i got home, and it was filled with MACGYVER! and that was a Christmas present from genevieve! who is Goddess of All Faboo-Land! *squishes you and mac*

and now! i have to go get dressed, cause im in my robe, and we have to GO! but tomorrow! i will be watching MAC! and more Mac! and then i will be making screencaps! and then ICONS! and my weekend is packed and im so excited!

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