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How did i miss Vic (musesfool) announcing that she was going to go ahead with Remix/Redux III: Reloaded?

Gah! I have so many stories i have to add to my fic page before signups start! i had such a fabulous time doing remixredux last time, and this time im more comfortable with more fandoms, write in more fandoms (which will help out whatever poor soul gets me as an assignment), and generally feel less like an imposter in the fic environment. *wiggles*

must update Fiction, as there are SO MANY THINGS that havent been added.

yay! remix!

last years was difficult, as i really only had Roswell stories, with one or two gilmore, and one star wars..which turned out ok, because Loki (!!!) ended up remixing Who, which resulted in Slipstream (The Change My Memory Remix), which is GORGOUS and AMAZING and all kinds of other capitalized words.

MY remix was a bit harder, as i had said i would remix Xmen MOVIEverse, and the person i was assigned wrote COMICverse. so i kinda flailed and panicked. but i came up with Love Given Up (The Give It Up Remix), which is..ok. the story i remixed is called Love Given Up, and its..a little..different.

none the less, i will do it again this time! and i will prevail! and will have my story completed and in on time, so there is no need for Vic to get the pokey stick after me!

and i really need to go read Bree's remix..because i didnt know her at that point, but i do i gotta go catch up. :)

ETA: Bree wrote In Alaska (The Blackbird Booty Call Remix). WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS? i love this story!

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