Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Letters to Lost

spoilers behind the cutting tag.

Dear Michael,
Susan was a bitch. I love you, as you are teh awesome. You did not even tall Walt that Brian did not want him. If i cannot have Charlie or Hurley, you are next on my list of castaways to marry. I love how much you love Walt, and how you wrote him, and especially how you gave him Brian's dog. Cause that was really awesome, especially if Brian didnt know.

PS. Dont shakes knives at men who would be more than happy to feed you to the island.

Dear Boone,
You are fucked in the head. Put the knife down. And dude, your sister just totally came onto you. Please go crazy and become axe wielding maniac who is stalking Shannon. It would be fun.
Writing the fic right now

Dear Shannon,
How are your legs still staying so smooth under your very short skirts? did you get electrolysis right before your trip?

Dear Charlie,
My love for you knows no bounds. Please hit Sawyer anytime, and you get points for hitting him in his weak spot, because otherwise he would have crushed you. and i like you uncrushed. and a little bit of you crumbles everyday Claire is gone. *cries* however, you trying to avoid the diary was the awesomest, cutest thing i have seen on this show without you and Claire both being in it. and she feels safe with you, and thinks you are sweet and adorable. And you are!
Your Snuggle Bunny

Dear Locke,
You are creepy. If i knew what side you are on, i would be happier. and dont try to tell somebody how to raise their kid, its rude.
Smiling and edging away

Dear Walt,
You are creepier than Locke. You made the bird die, the polar bear appear, and its possible that you killed your mom. Also, your daddy loves you, freak that you are.
The girl who has a stuffed polar bear to sleep with

Dear Claire,
YAY! I love you! you are back! but you look all covered in dirt and blood and non pregnant. am very concerned. please return directly to Cavetown, where Charlie can snuggle you back into good health.
The girl who wants to steal your hobbit

Dear JJ and ABC,
A RERUN?! What kind of sick fucks are you people?!
No love you bastards,

Dear Friendslist,
I would love caps of Charlie/Diary in any incarnation. I would love caps of the pages in the diary. I would love caps of Charlie.
Massive Love,
Girl with no life

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