Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


uploaded more icons to my own beloved user icons, and thought, wow, 39 icons.

at this moment, i have:

-6 Lost
-5 Gilmore Girls
-4 Buffy/Angel
-3 Star Wars
-3 Roswell
-2 Vin Diesel
-2 Sugar
-2 cleolinda (Novella's of the Night, and Lost/LoTR)
-2 Harry Potter
-1 Earth 2
-1 PotC
-1 Anna Paquin
-1 Benny and Joon
-1 Neverending Story
-1 Last Unicorn
-1 Say Anything
-1 Brendan Fehr
-1 Bebba HoTep
-1 Boy Who Could Fly

and i still can add 11 more!

but..which ones?! which to choose?

29 of these are made by ME! and i just noticed that i didnt credit two people's icons, so i have to go fix that. right now.

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